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Eva and I are having a boy, and Eva's due on February 5, 2007. The baby is being called Willoughby until he is properly named. He's already kicking up a storm - and so far so good on the tests and ultrasounds. We hope you'll help us prepare for his arrival over the next few months. - Mark

UPDATE: We're more or less set on the name Clark Kelley Wagner at this point, so clarkwagner.net now points here. I'm sure we'll be sharing photos and stories here soon. :) -Mark

What Do We Need to Register For?

Do you have kids? If so, please add to this list and let us know what we need to register for (or buy) prior to the birth of the baby. Click edit this page above and add your suggestions below. Thanks for your help. - Mark & Eva
  • Zooper Stroller: We have two and love them both. A single seater (which has been passed on to a good friend) and a double for our boys. (11months and 3yrs old) I bought mine on Amazon and if you wait until the new models come out you can buy last year's model for less. The stroller is great because it is light, durable, and easy to use. Aluminum body and folds like an umbrella stroller. Check out the Waltz model it can hold an infant carrier. http://www.zooper.com/index.html
  • A Costco membership for the diapers and wipes!!! :) Susan - or Sam's Club - but yes, a necessity!!!
  • swaddling blanket -- JLT: It has to be on the large side and stretchy, otherwise the swaddle won't hold. Jen: Love the Kiddopotamus fleece swaddlers
  • gas drops -- JLT: Do these really work??? Never did for us... Jen: worked for us. Gerber brand tastes better and is cheaper than Mylicon Susan - I never used these, myself.
  • spa weekend for mom:)--some places do over specials for new moms-- Susan - yes, a must!
  • odor-free diaper pail--just get used to the reality that none of them actually WORK :( -- JLT: Of course if your outside garbage can is close, you can always just pitch the stinky ones and not have to deal with a contraption that ALWAYS stinks. Jen: We just use the leftover grocery bags to bundle the diapers in and take them to the trash Susan - I don't know what I'd do w/o my diaper genie!
  • pack-n-play, the kind with the bassinet attachment--easier for changing on and getting baby into (less bending over) Jen: Don't get a used one, there was just a recall Susan: yes - we used this instead of a basinet. My son napped in it for a year and a half! Wonderful investment.
  • a vibrating bouncy seat or a swing! -- JLT: You probably only need one of these and the swing worked better for us. Make sure you always have spare batteries!!! Jen: Love the Graco Sillhouette swing Susan: Or both. I used both equally. Martha: Both my boys LOVED the bouncy seats. I actually highly recommend two, one we would keep in the living room/dining area and the other we would keep back in the bedrooms. So many times one of the boys would be in the bouncy seat while I was on the computer or folding clothes or whatever. My boys weren't that crazy about the swing, but every baby is different, that's for sure.
  • a Baby Bjorn -- JLT: Check out using a cloth wrap http://wearyourbaby.com/Default.aspx?tabid=180 instead. They are cheaper than using a Bjorn, and Angelina found it was more versatile and effective than a Bjorn or sling (both of which we tried)). Jen: Moby wrap for early days and Hip Hammock for later
  • a Boppy nursing pillow -- JLT: Try borrowing one of these before buying... Not everyone finds them comfortable Jen: Didn't work for 1st child, but couldn't live without it this time. Susan: This never worked for me, but I slept on it! Martha: My girlfriend let me borrow her Boppy and her "Breast Friend" and I think the Breast Friend is SO much better, hands down but is more expensive. I used it with both boys, ALL the time. The Breast Friend velcros around your waist and doesn't move. You can have mine if you want. The Boppy is good though for when your baby is just learning to sit and needs some support.
  • an extra Boppy cover - At least one. Eddie: There was a recent recall on certain Boppy cover. (http://boppy.com/re/)
  • Lansinoh "Safe for baby, Relief for mommy". If you plan on nursing, you've got to have a couple tubes of this...eventually.
  • Avent bottles -- JLT: Our girls wouldn't take a bottle without a big fight, so we ended up donating most of the bottles we got. If you plan to breast feed, it is probably best not to load up on bottles before hand. On the up side, the Avent bottles are cool because you can pop out the nipple and pop in a sippy-cup and use the same bottle, ring, etc. Jen: Avent bottles are made of that hard plastic that was just linked to chemical off-gassing, I believe (we use them though) Susan: I used the Playtex insert variety. Easy to clean!
  • several "sleep and play" type onesies, different sizes because he'll grow so fast! (look for crew neck versus the kind with anything around the neck and snaps versus zippers - easy for changes without making baby cold)
  • Aquafor is awesome for diaper rash. This best kept secret for diaper rash is usually found in the adult lotion section. -- JLT: This is really a more expensive Vaseline, which works just as well and costs less.
  • I also love Triple Paste for diaper rashes. One of my kids had severe diaper rash issues and Triple Paste really protected her.
  • Wipes.Never enough of baby wipes. Still using them in the post-diaper era.(The Cosco brand pre-rinses well when you need to clean an irritated baby butt before applying the Aquafor). Eddie: Try before you buy a large quantity. Our 1st son is allergic to name brand wipes. (e.g. Huggies) So we use Albertson's brand wipes. Big name brand wipes gave him a gnarly rash.
  • Sam's Club brand diapers are just as good as Huggies/Pampers/Luvs and cost a TON less!
  • a finger-tooth/gum brush (you slip this toothbrush looking thing in your finger and brush baby's gum or 1st teeth with it. Great to massage the gums of teething babies too)
  • Safety 1st portable booster (http://www.target.com/Safety-1st-Grow-Portable-Booster/dp/B000BFKHCU/sr=1-1/qid=1193747672/ref=sr_1_1/602-5179790-2252652?ie=UTF8&rh=k%3A1st-safety-booster&page=1): These things are great. They are cheap, smaller than a normal high-chair, and you can take them with you to a restaurant (you clean the tray so you know it was done right - not with some old dirty rag like they use on the tables). We've got one at home, one in the car, and we've left one at each of the grandparents' houses.
  • Daddy diaper bag. Eddie: I'm a big REI shopper and I bought a Mountainsmith fanny pack to hold all the diaper goods. Works well, plus it has two side bottle holders.
  • Thermometer - Susan: make sure that you have an ear one, too. We needed the rectal variety orignally, but after the first 6 months or so we started with the ear thermometer.
  • Nipple shield if mom is b/f'ing (http://www.kellymom.com is the best resource for b/f'ing)
  • Pacifiers! Pacifiers! Now, the American Association of Pediatrics is recommending them to help with SIDS. I recommend them because babies need to suck, suck, suck and you don't want to be a human pacifier! It's also a great soothing tool. And.... you can take it away when you're ready to quit it.
  • Parenting Books

General Birth and Parenting Tips

  • As you will soon find out, every baby is different and every parent who had something work for them will tell you that that is the only way to do it. You will both find your own special way too. Having said that, :-) my "two cents" is to read before he's born and really digest and REALLY try to implement the philosophy behind "Secrets of the Baby Whisperer". I thought it was a fluke with Nicolas, that he was just a "good" baby, but then I repeated the same philosophy and practices with Zachary and got the same results. It's not the kid, it's the philosophy and how the PARENT chooses to implement it. This is not a "schedule" philosophy like the Baby Wise but rather a "cycle" philosophy that your baby should eat, stay awake and sleep, then repeat this cycle. This was SO helpful to me as a new mother because I could look at the time and think, "Okay, he ate 1-1/2 hours ago and he's fussy. I know he's not hungry, he needs to go to sleep. Another big part is that you need to teach your baby to fall asleep on their own, not by nursing them to sleep or rocking them to sleep. Sleep is so important to babies but also children and I truly believe that whatever habits we teach them when they are babies carry through their childhood and probably their whole life. I know 3 kids off the top of my head (ages 5-8) who to this day cannot fall asleep at night without a parent laying in bed with them until they fall asleep. As babies, these kids were rocked to sleep every single time or fell asleep in the parent's bed and then were moved to their cribs. Both sets of these parents have said that they wish they could go back and change that. Even though it was "easier" at the time, they're paying for it now.....every single day. Anyway, this is something that has worked for me and has definitely "clicked" with me, I don't know why. After several hours, I can usually spot the issue with a baby that is having sleeping problems. It's funny, I've now spent the night at two friends houses, my nephew's house, advised my Australia friend and two other local friends over the phone and helped resolve their baby's sleeping issues. One friend had two other friends that wanted to pay me to go to their house to help them! Hmmm, maybe a new career? How much could I charge for something like that? Ha, ha. So, check it out now before he gets here and see if it looks like something that would work for you! Secrets of the Baby Whisperer: How to Calm, Connect, and Communicate with Your Baby>

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From Lucie: According to Baby Name Wizard, the current lead name is a very NEW name!

From Al: Bad Baby names- don't do this to your child. It is wrong. http://www.notwithoutmyhandbag.com/babynames/index.html, http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20061209085817AAtvsnK, http://www.sltrib.com/ci_8355609 Names that are unique or cute don't help your child to be special and can cause a lifetime of ridicule.

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More Ideas For This Wiki...

Watching this wiki grow over the first 24 hours was amazing. I can't believe I didn't think of it sooner... and I want to see what else we can accomplish with it. At the very least I want to share some pictures and videos here (just ultrasounds at this point). Any other ideas how we might use a wiki to help prepare for the birth of our baby? Please share below. -Mark

What a great idea, you guys! I wish I'd had this for my first child! I would say keep the wiki open after you have the baby! Use it to get parenting advice and to not feel quite as isolated those first few months. I felt so alone for the first little while - having a wiki to come to for advice and to know that others have gone through it - well, it would have made a HUGE difference to me! Nice job! ~Susan Roustan